class glue.utils.qt.widget_properties.ValueProperty(att, docstring='', value_range=None, log=False)[source]

Bases: glue.utils.qt.widget_properties.WidgetProperty

Wrapper around widgets with value() and setValue()


att : str

The location, within a class instance, of the widget to wrap around. If the widget is nested inside another variable, normal ‘.’ syntax can be used (e.g. ‘sub_window.button’)

docstring : str, optional

Optional short summary for the property. Used by sphinx. Should be 1 sentence or less.

value_range : tuple, optional

If set, the slider values are mapped to this range.

log : bool, optional

If True, the mapping is assumed to be logarithmic instead of linear.

Methods Summary

setter(widget, val)

Methods Documentation

setter(widget, val)[source]