class glue.viewers.custom.qt.custom_viewer.AttributeInfo[source]

Bases: numpy.ndarray

An array subclass wrapping a Component of a dataset

It is an array with the following additional attributes:

  • id contains the ComponentID or string name of the Component
  • categories is an array or None. For categorical Components, contains the distinct categories which are integer-encoded in the AttributeInfo

Methods Summary

from_layer(layer, cid[, view]) Build an AttributeInfo out of a subset or dataset
make(id, values, comp[, categories])

Methods Documentation

classmethod from_layer(layer, cid, view=None)[source]

Build an AttributeInfo out of a subset or dataset


layer : Data or Subset

The data to use

cid : ComponentID

The ComponentID to use

view : numpy-style view (optional)

What slice into the data to use

classmethod make(id, values, comp, categories=None)[source]