What’s new in Glue v0.8?

Below we list some of the main changes in Glue v0.8. As a reminder, you can easily update glue if you are using Anaconda/Miniconda, by doing:

conda install -c conda-forge glueviz

If instead you installed glue with pip, you can update with:

pip install glueviz --upgrade

Playback controls for image slicing

When using the image viewer to view datasets with more than two dimensions, the sliders snow include playback controls that you can use to animate the slicing.


By clicking multiple times on the play forward or play back button (the buttons on either side of the stop button), you can speed up the animation.

Improved new component window

The Define New Component window has now been significantly improved. The syntax of the expression for the new component is now validated on-the-fly, and the component cannot be created until the expression validates:


Adding data to glue from Python

If you make use of the qglue() function to launch glue from IPython or the Jupyter notebook, you can now easily continue to add data to glue from that Python session, by doing e.g.:

>>> app = qglue(data1=array1)
>>> app.add_data(data2=array2)

More details can be found here.

New preferences dialog

A new dialog for preferences is now available via File -> Edit Preferences, and allows you to change the settings for the foreground/background color of viewers, as well as the default data color and transparency:


Improved feedback window

The Send Feedback functionality available through the Help menu and the window to send crash reports to the developers now also provide the option to specify an email address in case you want to be contacted about the feedback/bug report:


Circular and polygonal profile extraction

The spectrum/profile extraction tool for the image viewer now supports extraction using circular and polygonal regions.

Full list of Changes

In addition to the above features, a number of bugs has been fixed since the last release. A full list of changes can be found in the CHANGES.md file